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Cryptocurrency Attorneys is a legal directory for digital asset investors. You can think of us like a dating app for lawyers and people who need lawyers. But we don’t have an app. Yet.

We started a legal directory to offer information and resources to digital asset investors.

There’s just so much crime in crypto (see: Binance, Sam Bankman-Fried, Voyager, Genesis and Gemini, Impact Theory, or Kim Kardashian).

Great question! We don’t know either. But we’re here now, so……

Ours is fundamentally a bet on the rule of law. Remember how it wobbled there for a bit?

It wasn’t always clear the world would need something like this. For a while crypto was growing, and raising bananas amounts of money, and hiring Tom Brady. But it was sus af.

The worst part? So many people likely to be harmed by crypto would be unlikely to know what to do. How many American young men would you think know how to hire a lawyer? 

Turns out, not many.

In a social media poll that ran in Atlanta and Orlando, we asked men ages 18-24 if they’d know how to hire a lawyer if they needed to.

Of the 404 replies, 70% answered “Absolutely not.”

And it’s not like young men face any particular vulnerabilities online, right? They’re not, like, especially targeted for domestic terrorism