What is Cryptocurrency Attorneys?

Cryptocurrency Attorneys is the legal directory for digital asset investors. Like a dating app for attorneys and people who need attorneys. But we don’t have an app. Yet.

How does this legal directory work?


Attorneys post free profiles in this directory for digital aseet investors.

Cryptocurrency Attorneys attracts visitors through content marketing, social media, and community-building.

Cryptocurrency Attorneys is not a referral service and is not affiliated with any bar association. Learn more about us.

Is there a cost to use this legal directory?

There is not.

Attorneys and those needing attorneys may use this directory free of charge. Cryptocurrency Attorneys offers advertising opportunities to legal marketers beyond the profiles listed for enhanced visibility and brand awareness.

Do I need a lawyer?

If you have to ask, you might. (Not legal advice.)

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

What if I need a lawyer and can’t afford one?

If you need a lawyer and can’t afford one, there are several options you can explore to obtain legal assistance:

Legal Aid Societies
Legal aid societies are nonprofits that offer free legal help to low-income people. To find a legal aid society near you, search through online directories or check local government websites. These societies can offer crucial support for various legal issues, ensuring that everyone has access to justice regardless of their financial situation.

Pro Bono Services
Many lawyers offer pro bono services, which are free legal services for cases that serve the public interest or for individuals who cannot afford to pay. To find pro bono services, contact your local bar association. They often have pro bono programs or can refer you to lawyers who provide these services. This way, you can receive expert legal assistance without the financial burden.

Public Defenders
If you are facing criminal charges and cannot afford a lawyer, you have the right to a public defender. Public defenders are provided by the court to ensure that everyone has legal representation in criminal cases. To access a public defender, request one through the court handling your case.

Law School Clinics
Law schools often have clinics where law students give free legal help under the guidance of experienced attorneys. These clinics offer a range of services and can be a great resource for affordable legal help. Contact law schools in your area to see if they offer legal clinics and what specific services they provide.

Nonprofit Organizations
Various nonprofit organizations specialize in providing legal help for specific issues such as immigration, housing, domestic violence, and more. To find relevant nonprofits, search for those that focus on your specific legal issue and contact them for assistance. These organizations are dedicated to helping those in need and can provide specialized legal support.

Online Legal Resources
There are several websites that offer free legal advice, document templates, and resources to help you represent yourself. Examples include the Legal Aid Society, LawHelp.org, and local government legal resources. These online platforms can provide valuable information and tools to assist you with your legal needs.

Sliding Scale Fees
Some lawyers offer sliding scale fees based on your ability to pay. This means that the cost of legal services is adjusted according to your financial situation. To find lawyers who offer sliding scale fees, inquire with local attorneys and legal aid organizations.

Legal Hotlines
Legal hotlines are staffed by lawyers who provide free legal advice and information over the phone. These hotlines can be a quick and easy way to get legal help. Search for legal aid hotlines in your area or state to find one that can assist you with your legal questions.

Court Resources
Some courts provide self-help centers or resources for individuals who are representing themselves. These resources can include guides, forms, and legal information to help you navigate the legal system. Visit your local courthouse or its website to see what resources are available.

Why build a legal directory?

We built the legal directory for digital asset investors to offer information and resources.

You see, there’s just so much crime in crypto (see: Binance, Sam Bankman-Fried, Voyager, Genesis and Gemini, Impact Theory, or Kim Kardashian).

How did we get here?

Great question! We don’t know either. But we’re here now, so……

Ours is fundamentally a bet on the rule of law. Remember how it wobbled there for a bit?

It wasn’t always clear the world would need something like this. For a while crypto was growing, and raising bananas amounts of money, and hiring Tom Brady. It certainly existed in a legal gray area and some elements were sus af.

The worst part? Many people likely to be harmed by crypto would be unlikely to see it coming or know what to do. How many American young men would you think know how to hire a lawyer? Turns out, not many.

In a social media poll that ran in Atlanta and Orlando, we asked men ages 18-24 if they’d know how to hire a lawyer if they needed to. Of the 404 replies, 70% answered “Absolutely not.”

And it’s not like young men face any particular vulnerabilities online, right? They’re not, like, especially targeted for domestic terrorism


Is this a PSYOP?


It’s a labor of love built by a political science nerd and concerned citizen.